LogCat Suddenly Stop Working? Here’s a Solution

This has been stumping me for far too long. I’m in the middle of a heated battle with my latest bug, intel from my logging offensive is starting to roll in, but suddenly LogCat stops producing any further output. A major piece of my artillery is down. Emulator restarts have no effect. Fresh builds, or new deployments appear futile. Usually restarting Eclipse works, but I try to avoid the nuclear option.

But as often happens, one day I had one of those “happy accidents” and just happen to stumble across a solution while working on an unrelated task.  I still don’t know exactly what causes the LogCat to stop working, but it appears that LogCat or maybe Eclipse loses track of what device it was supposed to be tracking.
The solution is simply to remind it.

First, you’ll want to add the Devices view to your current perspective. This will show all devices or AVDs that are currently connected.
Now, anytime that the LogCat stops responding, just select the Device whose output you expect to be shown. Voila, the LogCat window will be populated with all the log statements that have already occurred! So even though it wasn’t being displayed, the logging was still being captured, and will be available to you.  And that’s it, enjoy your logs!

The Android Views Window

The Devices View

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