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LogCat Suddenly Stop Working? Here’s a Solution

This has been stumping me for far too long. I’m in the middle of a heated battle with my latest bug, intel from my logging offensive is starting to roll in, but suddenly LogCat stops producing any further output. A … Continue reading

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Android: Getting Beyond The Notepad Tutorial

You’ve read the startup docs and completed your first tutorial, and now you’re ready to start creating that killer app that’s been consuming you for all this time. Diligently you start a new Android project in eclipse, open your main … Continue reading

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What’s The Opposite Of Prolific?

As a blogger, I’m anything but prolific. The ideas, words and inspiration aren’t the problem. Its the execution, from head to fingers to bytes. I’d say its second only to taxes in the agony department. But here I go, starting … Continue reading

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